Ashtanga Yoga workshop

Ashtanga Yoga workshop


* Led Primary
* Concepts / Technique / Philosophy /alignments Workshops

Location: Cocoon Wellness Centre
Starting 18:00pm 10th Friday –
Ending 16:30pm 12th Sunday April 2020

– Friday 10th, 18:00-20:00 explanation – led primary

– Saturday 11th
11:30-13:30 led with explanation
13:30-14:30 rest
14:30 – 16:30 Workshop: Vinyasa / technique First half of Primary Series

– Sunday 12th
11:30-13:30 led class
13:30-14:30 rest
14:30-16:30 Workshop: Second half of Primary Series Backbends and Finishing Sequence

Connect to your embodied intelligence with Ashtanga Yoga!

What is special about this traditional and dynamic yoga method is that it is followed by an intelligent sequence of poses that encompasses the body & mind as a whole. Unique to ashtanga is the central role of breath and that breath initiates, carries, movement. The ashtanga yoga sequence the Primary Series is designed to promote vitality, strength and flexibility in body & mind. Following a specific series with every practice is a great method to ease and focus the mind over time, connect to ourselves, and making us receptive to our inner world – an antidote to modern life, where most of us are guided by external stimulus and attachments rather than following our own intelligence. Over time the practice leads from a gross to a subtle level of awareness.

In this workshop you will be introduced to the principles of this unique practice and develop a basic understanding behind its philosophy and benefits of the practice. You will experience the foundations of this method such as ujjayji breath, drsthi, alignment of breath and movement in fundamental poses. This workshop is a foundation for a safe and conscious practice, and a start to connect to your own embodied intelligence.

This workshop is designed and ideal for students new in Ashtanga system, or for those who have recently started an ashtanga yoga practice. No previous experience with yoga or ashtanga is needed to attend.


Full event = €110
Early booking until 22nd of March €100

3 Led class = €80
2 workshop = €75
1 workshop = €40
Led class drop in €35

For more info or booking contact us via facebook message or on 99325558.

Professional Bio

Kyriakos is an Authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher kpjayi-syc, practicing since 2007 and teaching since 2013. He follows a regular study in Mysore since 2011 where he is visiting every year for practice with his teacher Sharthji.

As a founder of AshtangaNicosia – yoga center he teaches every morning and evening a mysore yoga class.