About Ashtanga Mysore Class

Ashtanga Mysore style yoga is the traditional way to learn and practice Yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and R. Sharath Jois.

In a Mysore style room the teacher teaches each student individually and new asanas are given one by one as the student builds strength, flexibility, concentration and ease. Hands-on adjustments are often given for correction, to facilitate awareness, stability and to guide a student beyond their perceived limitations. Advanced and beginner students practice together in the same space side by side. Mysore style practice ultimately enables students grow and progress at a pace that is safe and ideal for their unique abilities.

From day one students learn how to practice on their own while being guided and supported by the teacher. A student left to their own devices will often plateau or conversely in a led class will become dependent. Mysore style is self practice under the watchful gaze of the teacher, adjusting when needed, advising as necessary, and advancing when ready. Students ideally learn discipline, concentration and how to practice in a way that is ideal for their unique nature. The Ashtanga vinyasa method is intended to be a daily practice.


Ashtanga Yoga introduction course is an ideal way, but of course not the only way, to start your yoga practice. Is suitable for beginners completely new to yoga, for those new to Ashtanga Yoga, or for anyone looking to revisit the fundamentals. The practice builds gradually and gently week-by-week, introducing you to the fundamental elements and poses (asanas) of Ashtanga Yoga, sequencing, healthy alignment and breathing techniques (pranayama). This course creates a strong and safe foundation from which you can confidently join any of our led or Ashtanga self-practice class. Ashtanga is a rigorous and yet relaxing flow of breath and dynamic postures that help establish awareness in the moment, lasting for the rest of the day.