Kyriakos Hadjiphilippou

Kyriakos is an Authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher kpjayi-syc, practicing since 2007 and teaching since 2013. He follows a regular study in Mysore since 2011 where he is visiting every year for practice with his teacher Sharthji.

As a founder of AshtangaNicosia – yoga center he teaches every morning and evening a mysore yoga class.

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Simone teaches Hatha Vinyasa, working with foundational postures that will give students a core practice that they can build on as they progress. She aims to create a movement experience that connects dynamic asana, meditation, visualisation and breath to move you into a place of deep restoration and purification. She guides you through your body while emphasising concentration in the mind. Her classes aimed at being a safe container where movement becomes a ritual expression for the release of stagnant energy. Her intention is to educate in a way that is simple yet powerfully effective both on and off the mat. Simone cultivates intimate synergetic relationships with her students that becomes the basis of a rich practice.

In 2019 she trained with her teacher Talia Sutra and received her 200hr certification. Since then, participating in Yoga Alliance Continued Education trainings including ‘The Method: Backbending’ with Talia Sutra and ‘Adjustments & Assists’ with Ginghi Lee. Her experience in teaching began in the vibrant neighbourhoods of North East London where she explored many bodies and capabilities within a very loud and demanding city. At the beginning of 2023, she felt a significant cycle had come to an end and travelled to Costa Rica where she taught in various spaces. Finally, returning to Cyprus after 8 years to root and grow from the ground up.