Kyriakos Hadjiphilippou

Kyriakos is an Authorized Ashtanga yoga teacher kpjayi-syc, practicing since 2007 and teaching since 2013. He follows a regular study in Mysore since 2011 where he is visiting every year for practice with his teacher Sharthji.

As a founder of AshtangaNicosia – yoga center he teaches every morning and evening a mysore yoga class.

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Juliana Meduri

Juliana Meduri has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga since 2010. Her studies became more intense and she redesigned her life choices after an accident she suffered that same year, where she learned to listen and reorganize her body. She has her studies and practice accompanied by her certified teacher Lucia Andrade.

She has been dedicated to teaching the method since 2017, always in a traditional way and respecting her parampara. In 2020, Shala da Cidade opened in São Paulo, Brazil; where she currently teaches, turning her gaze to the singularities of each student.

Since 2018, she has been going to Mysore to learn from her Guruji Sharath Jois and be immersed in the source of this method, which she believes in and has total respect for and delivery.